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Project Update:
(June 24, 2006)
      I generated this simple website so I can give updates regarding the status of this Project. I'll modify the look of this site once I can find some time to do it. For now this will have to do.

(June 22, 2006)
      Was able to get all procedure or funtion that calculates a "course and distance" to work
       somewhat correctly; at least enough to win several games.    

(June 13, 2006)
      SourceForge accepted my appliction for this project. Still working on resolving run time
      issues that several procedures & functions are producing. The "move", "warp", "phaser",
      "photon" and almost any other procedure or funtion that calculates a "course and distance"
      is not working correctly. It seems that the mathmatics used in Tom's code doesn't
      translate well into Visual Basic .Net.

(June 1, 2006)
      Submitted an application to SourceForge for my gaming project "Windows Super Star Trek".
      Started looking into runtime issues. This task looks like it will take some time to complete.

(May 29, 2006)
      Things moving along nicely. Decided I should look for an Open Source site that I could use as a platform to launch my project. Currently leaning towards Source Forge.

(May 22, 2006)
        Started to fix the Syntax errors generated when porting the C code to Visual Basic

(May 15, 2006)
       Continuing to port the Tom's C code to Visual Basic.     

(May 8, 2006)
      After reviewing Tom's code (around 6000 lines of C code), I felt it would be best to proceed as follows:
     1) Generate a Console version of Tom's code using Visual Basic .NET
              a) Cut & Paste the code into a module form
              b) Fix all Syntax issues
              c) Debug & Fix all runtime issues
              d) Confirm that the Game Logic is working correctly
     2) After confirming that the console version is working correctly, start working on the
         windows version.
              a) Using the Game Logic code from above, plan how to implement a windows type
                   user intervace (UI)
              b) Start coding the UI
              c) Debug & Fix any issues
              d) Release the game
     3) After confirming that the windows version is working correctly, start adding enhancements
          to the game (be it visual, game logic or feature enhancements)

(May 5, 2006)
      Found Tom Almy's website about The Classic Super Star Trek Game from the 1970s. All of these were "console text type" games and I remember typing in and playing the Super Star Trek version found in the book "Basic Computer Games" which was written by Mary Cole and David Ahl. I typed it in my High School Computer Lab on an IMSAI 8080 microcomputer and saved it on a 8 inch Floppy Disk.
      Tom ported a version of Super Star Trek to the C Language. I decided that it would be neat if I could port his version to Visual Basic .Net and enhance it to use a windows type enviroment....and so it begins..... Logo Windows SST